Information about International air travel and insurance

International air travel and insurance

International air travel can be an expensive business especially in case of last minute travel. Airlines generally charge more and do not offer any special or discount offers at the last minute. The best way to take full advantage of international air travel is by booking tickets well in advance. Booking tickets around 25 to 30 days before the date of travel is the best thing to do. In addition one can also plan of avoiding weekends and busy days like Monday’s and Friday’s if one needs to enjoy a cheap air travel.

International air travel reservations

Going to the airline to a travel agency to reserve an airline ticket is past business. Currently everything is available over the internet and all one has to do is fill in the necessary details like date of travel, date of return, class, destination etc. and he is ready to go. Though there are many travel agency websites online it is always advisable to book tickets directly from the website of the airline you prefer to travel in. This will give you access to special offers, frequent traveler discounts etc. Also visiting the airline website would allow you to get first hand information about the type of facilities available and the special offers. And security wise this methodology is best. Discussed below are some international airlines and their website addresses.

Airlines websites online

Some world famous international airlines that also offer great discounts are Alaska airlines (, Southwest airways (, American Airlines (, Cathy Pacific Airlines (, Delta Airways (, US Airways (, United Airlines (, Northwest Airlines ( and Continental Airlines (

All these airline websites have online tickets reservation facilities along with information about special deals and discount offers.

International travel insurance

International travel can be a lot of fun, but at the same time involves more risk. There can be risks of accidents, illness, delayed flights, tour cancellations, missed flights, loss of baggage, emergency evacuations and many more. All these risks are covered once you take international travel insurance. Hence getting international travel insurance becomes particularly important while undertaking travel outside your country.

Types of international travel insurance

There are various types of international travel insurances available in the market today. A traveler can go for the insurance of his choice depending on the type of travel, frequency of travel and the medical condition. Some popular types of inter national travel insurance are international single trip travel insurance, international annual travel insurance, international student travel insurance, family international travel insurance, international business travel insurance etc. The best way to select the travel insurance international is by comparing quotes and finding insurance that best suites your travel needs. Discussed below are a few websites that offer international travel quotes online.

International travel insurance online

Some good websites that offer international travel insurance quotes online are,,,, and

Air travel insurance

One most important thing that most air travelers forget to do is getting an air travel insurance. After all the risks involved in an air travel are far more than any other modes of travel; in addition there could be luggage damages, health problems etc. An air travel insurance is a type of life insurance policy that may be purchased by air travelers of scheduled airlines. In case of default that may occur due to the death, accidents, losses etc face value of the air travel insurance policy is paid to the beneficiary or as agreed in the policy terms.

Do I need air travel insurance?

Air travel is not 100% safe and this is the reason why one should go for an air travel insurance policy. An insurance air-travel policy is not very costly and can help the traveler against any possible losses including accidents, hijacking, luggage damages, flight delays and trip cancellations. This is the reason why one should go for a flight insurance policy every time he undertakes air travel.

Air travel insurance quotes

There are many websites that offer air travel insurance quotes. Some of them are,,, and

Air travel incentive companies

Does your company travel regularly by plane? If so, you could be missing out on valuable rewards that can be gained from travelling with selected airlines. Star Alliance Company Plus are partnered with a range of airlines including All Nippon Airways so that when you or your colleagues travel with them your company can be cutting costs. Click here for more information from their website.

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