Why history? – It’s simple discovering England’s history is addicting

Ah – I was waiting for this question. I love history, and have for as long as I can remember. But my love wasn’t found in the classroom, nurtured by outdated textbooks or lectures that seemed to do nothing but fill time until the bell rang.

I fell in love by reading about real places, where joy and hate and vengeance leapt off the page. Where ordinary men and women did extraordinary things and became legends.

England’s history offers pageantry, excitement, daring adventure and great sacrifice – all woven through some of the best stories ever written.

The magical thing about England is that you can step into those stories, simply by riding an urban river or exploring a cathedral that took hundreds of years to complete.

Imagine seeking out that glorious castle you learned about in your travel research, standing in front of it for the first time. The rush will take your breath away.

Why history? The answer is in your chosen destination. The history of England is rich, vibrant, and you can’t help but be immersed in it the moment you step through the doors of that cathedral, or walk the gardens that have been there since Henry VIII.

It draws you in, gentle but insistent, nudging at you to learn a bit more, then a bit more after that – and before you know it, you have fallen into its trap.

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